What Is The 7th Letter In The Alphabet {Two Possible Answers}

What is the 7th letter in the alphabet is becoming a viral riddle which has confused almost everyone. It’s impossible that you haven’t heard about this riddle, which is exactly you have heard of this riddle somewhere and trying to the correct answer.

Riddle: What Is The 7th Letter In The Alphabet?

Definitely the first answer which came to your mind after hearing this riddle is the “G” letter, wasnt it? But then you think that how can a riddle be so simple. And then you unintentionally started tping the riddle in google search in order to find out the correct answer to this riddle. So, the two possible answers are:

Answer: What Is The 7th Letter In The Alphabet?

Answer 1: In this riddle, it is asked that what is the seventh letter in the alphabet, the word alphabet is mentioned. So in this case, the answer is “E“. How? let’s find out

  1. A
  2. L
  3. P
  4. H
  5. A
  6. B
  7. E – The Seventh Letter of Alphabet
  8. T

Answer 2: The second possible answer is that the 7th letter is “H”. As the targeted word is not just “Alphabet“, but is “The Alphabet“.

  1. T
  2. H
  3. E
  4. A
  5. L
  6. P
  7. H – The 7th Letter of The Alphabet
  8. A
  9. B
  10. E
  11. T

What answer came to your mind at first you heard of this riddle? And which answer is more appropriate according to you? Let us know below in the comment section 🙂

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