Sam and Sarah Shark Riddle Answer

Sam and Sarah Shark Riddle is a very confusing yet interesting riddle that is getting famous day by day. The detailed possible answers to the sam and Sarah riddle are:

Sam and Sarah Shark Riddle

Sam and Sarah saw seven sharks while swimming. Now how many ‘S’ are in sentence?

Sam and Sarah Riddle Answer

Their are 3 possible answers to this riddle.

First: The first possible answer is that there are 7 “s” in this riddle. Read the whole riddle again and you will find “s” 7 times in the riddle.

Second: There are 2 “S” in the riddle as the asked “S” is in the capital form. “Sam” and “Sarah” have capital “S”.

Third: The 3rd and most widely accepted answer is 1. Their is only 1 “S” in the word “Sentence”.

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