How To Update Bios Of Any Dell Workstation (Updated 2022)

How To Update Bios Of Any Dell Workstation: If you are using a dell workstation (t5810, t7810, or any other model), and want to update the bios of your dell machine (working method for both laptop and computer), you are in the right place. Here we will guide you through a step-by-step process about how to update the bios of dell precision tower 5810 (the model I am using).

Basic Requirement For The Bios Update:

Active Internet Connection: The first thing you need is active internet connection, so that you can download the required bios update file.

Battery Charge: If you are using a dell workstation laptop and want to update its bios, before doing that, you should have to charge your battery so that during the update, your laptop does not turn off. Because, if your computer turns off, it the update won’t complete successfully.

A USB Flash Drive: A USB Drive is also required so that you can copy your bios update file to the USB. The updating process occurs in boot menu, where we will require a USD device.

Downloading The Dell Bios Update File

First of all, you need to visit here, you will be redirected to the dell support page.

download the required file to update bios
Dell Support Home Page

Click on the “Browse All Products” option. A window will open containing all the dell product categories. Scroll down to find the Workstations option (which is currently at the last of the list).

dell bios update for workstations
Select The “Workstations” Option From Here

A new window will open now. You will need to click on the Fixed Workstations option.

dell bios update download
Select Fixed Workstations

A new window, containing the list of the dell workstations will open. Choose the correct model. In my case, I will click on Precision Tower 5810. After clicking on the model name, the bios update file will start downloading automatically.

Precision tower 5810 bios update
Choose The Model Of Your Dell Workstation From The List

Copy The BIOS Update File To USB

After downloading the file, copy it to your USB Flash Drive. I have created a folder named “bios” in my USB, where I have pasted the bios update file. Now Turn Off Your Computer.

Turn Off Your Computer To Update BIOS

Turn you Dell Workstation on again and keep pressing F12 button repeatedly until the boot mode opens.

installing bios to dell workstation
Select “BIOS Flash Update” Option

In the boot mode, scroll down and select BIOS Flash update. This will open the root folder of your USB Flash Drive. Find the update file and click on it. In my case, I have created a folder names bios, inside this folder the BIOS update file of Dell Precision T5810 is located.

how to update dell bios
Click On “Begin Flash Update”

After choosing the update file of your Dell Workstation BIOS, click on begin Flash Update. That’s it. Your BIOS updating process has been initiated successfully. Wait for a few minutes (3 minutes in my case). Make sure your Computer or Laptop does not turn off during BIOS update.

dell bios update download
Hurray – BIOS Updated Successfully
How To Update BIOS Of Dell Computer

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