Penny has 5 children riddle answer – Riddles for children

riddles for children

Children think more often, and it is our responsibility to give them the right direction to think about things. The best and most effective way is a riddle. Riddle can help children think about things in the right direction. It improves thinking and creative abilities. Experts recommend riddles for children because it is a fun … Read more

5+5+5=550 Riddle – How is this Equation True?

The answer of 5+5+5=550 Riddle

5+5+5=550, But HOW!! This is definitely your first impression when you read this equation. But actually this is very logical and tricky equation. This is why it has been selected by us as our riddle of the day. Riddle By adding a single line to the following equation. Make it correct: 5+5+5=550 Answer of 5+5+5=550 … Read more

If I Had 4 Eggs And A Thief Gave Me 3 And My Rooster Laid 5 More. How Many Do I Have? {Solved Riddle}

If I had 4 eggs

If I had 4 eggs, another sentimental riddle roaring on the search engines. This riddle is kinda difficult because of twisted words in it. One have to give proper attention to it while reading in order to get this riddle resolved. If I Had 4 Eggs Riddle Read this riddle again attentively. If I had … Read more

Someone’s Mother Has 4 Sons: What Is The Name Of The Fourth Son?

someone’s Mother Has 4 Sons: What Is The Name Of The Fourth Son?

Someone’s Mother Has 4 Sons is a very tricky riddle people are searching all around the internet in 2021. The riddle’s answer lies in the mystery itself but requires a bit of extra focus. Riddle: Since someone’s Mother has four sons, North, West, and South, the name of the fourth son is someone. Answer: The answer is … Read more

Sam and Sarah Shark Riddle Answer

sarah saw seven sharks swimming answer

Sam and Sarah Shark Riddle is a very confusing yet interesting riddle that is getting famous day by day. The detailed possible answers to the sam and Sarah riddle are: Sam and Sarah Shark Riddle Sam and Sarah saw seven sharks while swimming. Now how many ‘S’ are in sentence? Sam and Sarah Riddle Answer … Read more