5+5+5=550 Riddle – How is this Equation True?

5+5+5=550, But HOW!! This is definitely your first impression when you read this equation. But actually this is very logical and tricky equation. This is why it has been selected by us as our riddle of the day.


By adding a single line to the following equation. Make it correct:


Answer of 5+5+5=550 Riddle

In order to resolve this riddle, just rework either the first or second + sign to 4 by adding a small line to the top left of the plus sign. You can get a clear idea about this by taking a careful look of the following image.

5 5 5 550
5 5 5 550 answer in an image

In the image above, a small line has been added to the top left of the first sign which convert the + sign into 4. The end result is 545+5=550.

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